Sing to Him a new song; play skillfully, and shout for joy.
Psalm 33:3


Solo voice will allow the student to have one-on-one personal instruction in a smaller classroom setting. Students learn basic vocal techniques that utilize daily warm-ups, correct breathing, correct use of the vibrato, vowel modification, blending, etc. to help extend their vocal range and flexibility.


While an ear for music is extremely important for performance technique, the ability to read music will further a student’s ability to excel in the music world.


Like solo voice, Choir will allow the student to gain a solid foundation of the physical and aural workings of the voice, but will place the student in a group setting.


Developing a strong finger technique will allow the student to have an ease in hand movement while increasing his or her knowledge of musical structure.


This class will allow beginning drummers to flourish and grow their knowledge of basic musical rhythm while increasing the student’s ability to coordinate drumming technique.


Students will become knowledgeable of basic major and minor scales, intervals, and right and left hand technique.


Beginners on the guitar will enter into an introductory classroom that will focus on solo and ensemble performance, technique, music reading, interpretation, stage etiquette, and rhythm for the guitar.